Project 2

22 02 2010

So starting this project I was hoping that it would be a little easier than our other one. However I soon found out that it was actually still very difficult. We now had to take pictures at all different times throughout the day not just whenever we wanted and we also had to really pay attention to how the lighting affected those pictures. My group consisted of myself, Lauren, and Katie K. We all had different schedules which made it tough to find times to meet. Another difficulty was checking out cameras. We first tried ESTV but they were all out so we then went to media services but they gave away our reserved cameras. Luckily, we were able to check one out from Saturday to Monday which actually helped out a lot.

The shot that I chose as my favorite was the one above. When we first got into the studio our models were running a little late ,so we decided to look up pictures online to try and mimic some like we did in class. We tried other ones as well but I think that this one turned out the best. It wasn’t exactly like the one that we tried to mimic but I feel like this one shows much more emotion. Her facial expression was not planned which helps to capture the emotion in the shot. I really like how she looks sort of confused as to what our other model was doing. I also really like the shadow from the hand and the effect it has on her arms. This model was very photogenic which made it very tough to pick out just a few from her session. I think that the lighting is flattering as well as dramatic. The model looks beautiful and comfortable but she also conveys a very interesting facial expression as well.

After taking over 300 shots in just a few days it was very tough to narrow down our favorite ones. But I am very excited with our choices and I hope the class feels the same way.


Photo Project

12 02 2010

So our project was to take pictures outside with humans as our main focus. When i first heard this I didn’t think that it would be that tough. But I was completely wrong. I had used cameras before but I had never had to set my own white balance, set the shutter speed, and even the Fstop which I had no idea what that was.

The picture above was my favorite because I really like the scenery in the background as well as what is going on in the foreground. When I first took it I thought that I was running out of daylight and I thought that the picture would be too dark. But as it turns out, the picture has the perfect amount of lighting to highlight the person in the shot as well as the water and the duck. I think the fact that the subject is at the right side of the picture also adds to the beauty of it. If she was in the middle we would have to look around her to see the beauty of the lake, but instead we have the whole picture to work with.

Throughout this project there were many challenges. I had first reserved the camera for Tuesday, but a rainstorm proved to be near impossible to shoot. The next day I had class all day but luckily I got a few good shots in. But my main day of shooting came on Thursday. I picked up my camera around 1 expecting to go to class at 2 20 and take some shots afterwords. But my class was canceled which allowed me to have non stop shooting. After wandering around the campus taking random shots, I found my friend scott shooting basketball. I got several good shots of that which helped to get my going. While I thought that lighting would be a major problem, my main one was getting the subject in focus. Often times I would have to shoot quickly which prevented my subject being completely clear. But I was able to overcome it and find some great shots.

I had never taken photo classes in high school so this is a new concept to me but I found the project very fun and interesting and I think I will continue to take pictures. I really enjoyed the project and I look forward to more in this class.


8 02 2010

Tonight we were instructed to go through our classmates’ pictures and to choose our favorite one. I decided to choose this one because it is such a beautiful picture. There is ice all across the lake except for the bottom of the shot. In the break in the ice you can clearly see the reflection of the clouds.  Another part of the shot that i like is the fact that one side of the mountains are in darkness while the other is in the light. This creates contrast and highlights the difference in the lighting.  This picture is a very good example of a natural position which means that the water and sky get an equal share of the attention. Another part of the picture that i really like is the contrast of the snow at the top of the mountain to the rocky desert of the lighted portion. This is a beautiful picture, good choice!


25 01 2010

For our post tonight, we were instructed to write about the differences between a medium in the US and in a country that we would like to travel to. I decided to look at the differences between a newspaper in Spain and one in the United States. I chose to compare and contrast the New York Times from the US and the Barcelona Reporter from Spain. So while looking through the two newspapers one thing caught my eye that was a major difference was that the New York Times had an opinion section while the Barcelona Reporter did not contain one. I found this interesting because I am not sure if the Spanish government controls newspapers which would prevent them from giving their opinions on certain news stories. The US does not control their newspapers so that is a major difference in the two. Another difference is the types of stories that the Sports sections cover. The spanish newspaper looked at soccer scores from across Europe while the New York Times does not focus on American soccer at all. While that is a subtle difference it is still interesting to look at. The two newspapers, however did have things in common. One was that both of the online versions contained a lot of online advertising. That was very interesting because the ads support the New York Times but I wonder if the ads in the Barcelona Reporter supports them even though the ads are written in English. Another aspect that was very interesting was the fact that the Barcelona Reporter was very Americanized. One of the main headlines was focusing on the scores from the NFC and AFC championship games and the matchups in the upcoming Super Bowl. I thought that was strange to see that while football is not very popular in Spain it was still a major headline. I think that I will continue to check this site and to look at the differences and similarities between the two newspapers.


22 01 2010

So tonight we were assigned to look at jobs on a movie set and to look at ones that were not throughly disscussed in our book. I decided to research a Boom Operator. These people are mainly the assistant to the sound mixer. And the use and operate the large mic and mixes the sounds. It is a very demanding job because even the slightest miscue in placement could mess up the entire movie. To become a Boom operator someone has to be very literate in sound technology and how to use and better it. They also have to become very skilled and send out their work because it is often times to break the ranks to get a major job in Hollywood. One movie that I have seen lately was Avatar. This movie was very good and it involved a lot of work and a lot of important people to make it be successful. One of these people was a Boom Operator. While much of the movie relied on the sights which made people watch in awe, it also relied on the sound to complete the journey into the Avatar world. The Boom operator for Avatar had to equip all of the actors with mics and had to operate the main source of sound in the boom. So while much of the movie relied on visual sounds were also very important. This is true in all of movies because if you take away the sound we are left with what we started out with at the beginning of the movie industry. While this job may seem insignifcant to much of the others on the set, all jobs are still very important.


21 01 2010

So we were assigned to write about our reflection on our project and to talk about what we have learned during the process. My partner was Jackson Brodie and we did our project by comparing Sex on TV during the year 2000 and the year 2009. This topic worked out very well because it was very interesting and very cool to compare the years. We showed clips and used some facts to back up our points. I learned one main thing that surprised me that was watching the clips to look at the difference. In the Gilmore Girl clip that we looked at, it was hard to find the sexuality because they tried to mask it. But looking at the year 2009 the clip from Jersey Shore clearly showed the sexual aspect. It was very strange to see the difference in just 9 years. I think that Jackson and I worked very well together, it helped a lot that we already knew each other and that we are good friends. It also helped that we could trust each other because a major part of doing group presentations is trust between the members. You have to know that they will do their part and that you will back them up as well so Jackson and I already had that trust which helped. It was kind of challenging to get up in front of the class because it was my first group presentation in college so it was a little nerve racking but since i want to major in Communications it was very important for me to get up in front of the class. I think the most challenging part of the project was getting together to work. We both had different schedules and different ideas on what and when we wanted to work so it was tough to work around that but we did and I think we preformed very well.

Fortune 500

15 01 2010

For tonights blog we were instructed to act like we were an advertising executive for a Fortune 500 company of our choice. I decided to blog about advertising for Walmart because I know that it is a very powerful company and that there would be more room to advertise and get the name out to the public. So most everyone knows about Walmart and they know what they can find there. But one aspect that people might not be able to find out about could be sales that Walmart could be having on a certain day or weekend. Walmart does a good job of advertising on TV but my major job would be to advertise online. So in class we haver learned about all of the sites and different pages that people go to and are interested in. One major site that I would advertise to would be Facebook. Now i know that many of the people that go to Walmart are families interested in cheap prices, but many teenagers go there and I would be interested in trying to get them to come to Walmart. Whenever I need something I can most likely find it at Walmart so thats why I would advertise to my generation. Another site that I would advertise to would be Hulu. We have been talking about how TV has become more online so I think that many people are now going to Hulu for many shows so they would hear more about Walmart there. Youtube would be a similar situation so I would try to advertise there as well. The final site that I would advertise to would be Ebay. While you buy things on Ebay it is a biding site and often times they buyers lose the biding so I would be there to tell people that they could get the product at Walmart.