Final Project

7 05 2010

For our final project, my partner Lauren and I did a photo documentary for the event Chick’n Pick’n. In my opinion this was actually the hardest project and took a lot of time to complete. It was very diffucult to take pictures of an even that only takes place once because if you mess up, you are out of luck. But we managed to take alot of pictures and I think we had some good shots. We also had good sound bytes which helped to strengthen the project as a whole.

In my opinion this class was very fun and very challenging. I started off having no experience with broadcast equipment, and at the end I feel that I am very comfortable with all of the equipment. I think that the most helpful aspect of the class was the projects By having projects that forced me to work long hours out of class, I gained field experience. I learned what types of shots looked good and different aspects of what makes a shot bad. I learned how to create logos in photoshop and even how to make a website from scratch. I also learned how to create videos and how to use microphones. All in all this was one of my favorite classes of all time and I throughly enjoyed it.


Silent Film

27 04 2010

For this project we were assigned to direct a silent film. I was actually worried about this because i feel that i am running out of ideas, but luckly we came up with a good storyline. My partner Lauren and I decided to do a film about a bromance that gets intrrupted by one of the boys getting into a relationship with a girl. The other became very sad and ended with him all alone. We thought this would be an interesting topic because this is actually happening in real life. That made it much easier to work with the actors because they could basically just act normal. The hardest part was getting them to cooporate because they were being antsy and didnt want to give up their time to help out. We had to shoot really fast because they always wanted to go, so I think this helped us gain experience with working under pressure.

I actually think that the film turned out really well. I wish we would have put them in different rooms but all in all this film was fun to shoot and I look forward to doing more in the future.

Pan Area Carnival

19 04 2010

So for Project number 7 we were assigned to film a documentary. My partner Lauren and I decided to film the Pan Area Carnival. We figured that this event would be something good to film and it would be fairly easy to get B-roll and good interviews from people at the carnival.

Interviewing someone was actually much easier than I thought it would be. We interviewed three people and actually got great sound bytes from each. I think the toughest part was doing all of the takes to get what we wanted. I know that for each interview we had to have around 5 or 6 takes to get what we wanted out of their testimony.

I think that my favorite part was getting the B-Roll for the documentary. I really enjoyed filming the pac-man running around and all the inflatables. I actually took the camera into the inflatables to get an even better video.

All in all, I really think that this film was a great success. I think that it looks very professional with all of the B-Rolls and all of the interviews. I think that each sound byte gave new insight to the event and they all came together to fit into a great film. This event was such a success and it was a lot of fun to work with it. It felt good to support RSA and support the community of Elon. I hope that RSA could take this film and use it for years to come to promote awareness of this event and help it become even more popular and successful in the future.

Unleash the Beast

7 04 2010

When I found out what our project was this time, I was very excited. I started to formulate ideas and finally decided to have a story about someone not very good at basketball playing against someone who was very good. I thought that this would be a good idea because that way it would be easy to point out the protagonist and antagonist. The only thing would be how to resolve that conflict. That is where my idea for unleashing a beast came in. Since i am good friends with memebers of the basketball team, i decided to contact Adam Constantine and see if he could help me out. He agreed and all that was left was to shoot.

Shooting was actually a lot easier than i thought because i think that the story board helped a lot. It was a good way to get my ideas down and picture what i wanted before i started. I decided to shoot my friend Cory and Scott. Since scott was a solid basketball player he would be the antagonist pushing Cory around. I tried to make it as obvious as possible with Cory getting his shots blocked and falling down. Then i would have him call a timeout and go get a drink called Unleash the Beast. I then had Adam step in so that he could be Cory transformed. I then had him dunk on Scott and basically do everything that Scott was doing before. At the end, Adam knocked Scott down and then went over to help him up, resolving the issue.

This was a very fun project because it allowed me to become very creative and work with people again. I was very happy with the way it turned out and I think it was easy to see the protagonist and antagonist.


31 03 2010

*After having so many issues with my last site, I met with Prof. Triche and she helped me improve my website. This is the final result.

Dreamweaver, where to begin. I would first like to say that Dreamweaver is a helpful site, it is really cool that you can create your own website since I have never done that before. However I was not able to even complete my assignment.

I started working on the project and even finished over break. But the first night back I went to upload the site and it wouldnt work. I finally figured out why and went back to fix it, however I realized that I had made my images too big for the wed. Then i went back to fix them and tried to upload the site again. However after following all the steps, I was still unable to upload the site. So all in all i had a very bad experience with Dreamweaver. As much as I would like to give up and never try again, I would however like to continue to work on the site. This time I would like to start over and make something more professional that I could use later on in my job hunts. I think that this was a good start, getting used to some of the Dreamweaver tools. I would like to continue toying with it, and hopefully some day it will work for me.

Bausch and Lomb

8 03 2010

When starting this project I had no idea what I was going to choose for my project. I had liked the pictures that my group had take for the previous project but I really wanted to try something else. I was in my friends dorm room just shooting pictures when I got an idea to put a bottle of contact solution in the sink and turn the water on. I found out that this made for a really cool shot. I decided to go with this picture and play around on photoshop. I tried to look at a bunch of helpful sites online which showed you how to make cool effects but they were all very difficult and proved to be too much for my picture. Instead I decided to just keep it simple and focus on the product rather than the cool effects. The three tools I used the most were the text, the sharpen, and the blur tool. I used dafont to find a font that suited my watery look. I was able to find one with a bunch of bubbles coming from the letters so I went with that. I then played around with the colors to see which ones looked the best. After putting all the text around I tried different color schemes to try and spice up my picture but nothing seemed to work. Instead I focused on the water that was already in the shot and decided to use the sharpen tool to help make the water and bubbles to be in better focus. I then made my logo and decided to smudge the letters for a cool effect. All in all i was actually slightly disapointed with my work. I had wanted to make my picture look really cool but it proved to be much more difficult than I had thought. Luckily this is a learning experience and with more practice I hopefully will be able to make better ads.

Let’s Get Some Shoes!

1 03 2010

This time our assignment was to create a beauty shot for a product. We were assgined to work in groups and my partner was Lauren. We decided to shoot two different products to give us some choices in our decision. It was very difficult because all of the lighting kits were rented out. We reached out to our classmates and Katie Koch allowed us to borrow the kit twice. Our first shoot we decided to take pictures of Lauren’s shoes. It was a little pressed for time because my parents came for the day. But we got to work quickly and got some good shots. We set up on a table and put a red table cloth over a box. We then set the shoes on the box to raise them from the rest of the table. We tried all three lights and we found that one light gave the best shadows and overall look. We also wiped down the shoes with a paper towl to give extra shine. I think that the lighting really works because it gives a good amount of shadow but doesn’t overexpose the shoes. We placed the key light high up which gives us the long shadow on the left of the shoes. I also like how the lighting allows the viewer to clearly see the name of the shoe and the studs on the straps. The red sheet helps the shoes pop out and make them the center of the shot. I also like the black background which helps with contrast and makes the shoes stand out even more. Our other shoot involved taking pictures of Gatorade and while we found the shots looked good, the shoes looked the best and in our opinion reflected the beauty shot. All in all, this was the toughest project, but gave the most insight about a professional photographer’s job.