Final Project

7 05 2010

For our final project, my partner Lauren and I did a photo documentary for the event Chick’n Pick’n. In my opinion this was actually the hardest project and took a lot of time to complete. It was very diffucult to take pictures of an even that only takes place once because if you mess up, you are out of luck. But we managed to take alot of pictures and I think we had some good shots. We also had good sound bytes which helped to strengthen the project as a whole.

In my opinion this class was very fun and very challenging. I started off having no experience with broadcast equipment, and at the end I feel that I am very comfortable with all of the equipment. I think that the most helpful aspect of the class was the projects By having projects that forced me to work long hours out of class, I gained field experience. I learned what types of shots looked good and different aspects of what makes a shot bad. I learned how to create logos in photoshop and even how to make a website from scratch. I also learned how to create videos and how to use microphones. All in all this was one of my favorite classes of all time and I throughly enjoyed it.




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