Silent Film

27 04 2010

For this project we were assigned to direct a silent film. I was actually worried about this because i feel that i am running out of ideas, but luckly we came up with a good storyline. My partner Lauren and I decided to do a film about a bromance that gets intrrupted by one of the boys getting into a relationship with a girl. The other became very sad and ended with him all alone. We thought this would be an interesting topic because this is actually happening in real life. That made it much easier to work with the actors because they could basically just act normal. The hardest part was getting them to cooporate because they were being antsy and didnt want to give up their time to help out. We had to shoot really fast because they always wanted to go, so I think this helped us gain experience with working under pressure.

I actually think that the film turned out really well. I wish we would have put them in different rooms but all in all this film was fun to shoot and I look forward to doing more in the future.




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27 04 2010

I like that the plot was clear and the music really established the mood.

27 04 2010

This was so well done! You guys did a wonderful job and I loved the idea of a bromance getting interupted. I would have liked to have seen two rooms, but overall well done!

28 04 2010

BROMANCE, I loved it ! Cute idea, sucks for that guy though! haha.. only thing is I wish he would have ran into a different room and another bed. BUT other than that, Good job!

28 04 2010

this was one of my favorites, really funny, creative, and good acting. make sure you dont use the same location twice unless it works with whats going on, but the bed thing got a little confusing

28 04 2010

Your film was my favorite. It was funny and you had great shots and the actors were awesome! The only part that was kind of confusing was when he used the same bed as his bro but other than that it turned out really well!

28 04 2010

I really loved your creative ideas for this movie. The plot was very clear and all of your shots worked really well in establishing your story. I think the one bed thing was a little confusing, but it didn’t really ruin the movie for me.

28 04 2010
Sarah Carideo

This was such a hilarious video! I liked that you used a variety of shots and the slow motions were very appropriate. I would just suggest have the beginning scenes of them establishing their friendship be more dramatic to match the end scenes.

28 04 2010

I loved this video! It was so funny! Scott portrayed his emotions so well in his facias expressions! Creative story line, great shots, loved it!

28 04 2010

this was such a clever idea! I have never seen a third wheel done this way before. I think the only place that needs work is the part where the third wheeled boy goes to his bed, which happens to be in the same room/bed. It just made it a little confusing.

28 04 2010

Although we should have used a different room for the final scene, I think our overall film turned out very well. Working with three actors was definitely more difficult than I had expected. You did a great job directing them and working the camera!

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