Pan Area Carnival

19 04 2010

So for Project number 7 we were assigned to film a documentary. My partner Lauren and I decided to film the Pan Area Carnival. We figured that this event would be something good to film and it would be fairly easy to get B-roll and good interviews from people at the carnival.

Interviewing someone was actually much easier than I thought it would be. We interviewed three people and actually got great sound bytes from each. I think the toughest part was doing all of the takes to get what we wanted. I know that for each interview we had to have around 5 or 6 takes to get what we wanted out of their testimony.

I think that my favorite part was getting the B-Roll for the documentary. I really enjoyed filming the pac-man running around and all the inflatables. I actually took the camera into the inflatables to get an even better video.

All in all, I really think that this film was a great success. I think that it looks very professional with all of the B-Rolls and all of the interviews. I think that each sound byte gave new insight to the event and they all came together to fit into a great film. This event was such a success and it was a lot of fun to work with it. It felt good to support RSA and support the community of Elon. I hope that RSA could take this film and use it for years to come to promote awareness of this event and help it become even more popular and successful in the future.




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19 04 2010

This video was awesome. I liked how you captured the point of views of many different people. Its impressive that you were able to film most of your footage on the same day that you had to edit almost everything!

19 04 2010

Great job with the interviews, the point of this project. Everything was exposed correctly and white balanced. I also love that you have the girl getting hit in the face. I saw that as I was walking by and nearly died laughing so I’m glad you got it on tape.

19 04 2010

Nice idea. Well organized and nicely put together. Some of the shots were a bit shakey but otherwise well done.

20 04 2010

Nice ! very humorous 😀
I loved how you interviewed multiple people, and I liked how you were interviewing the girl and a boy was in the back trying to get the person dunked, but failed miserably. I also liked how you ended the video !
Great !

20 04 2010

This video had some nice B-roll, and I like that you guys interviewed more than one person. Good job!

20 04 2010

I thought we did a great job on this project and were a fantastic team! I think we documented the event well and showed many sides to the story.

21 04 2010

great idea! i liked all the different people you interviewed, not to mention the fact that the boy was trying to dunk the person and kept failing. Get B-Roll shots!

21 04 2010

This video nicely captured the Pan Area carnival and how much effort is put into making it a success. I liked how you got a ton of different viewpoints. Good job!

21 04 2010

The use of multiple interviews really make this project stand out. Also the fast turn around of the project from the PAC on Sunday to the project being due on Monday morning was impressive.

21 04 2010

I enjoyed that you shot some of the interviews with motion in the background. It kept things interesting. I laughed so much watching Soucy try to dunk the guy in the tank.

21 04 2010

This video had a very fun feel and it gave an interesting look into the planning of university events. There was nice b-roll footage that complemented your video nicely.

21 04 2010
Sarah Carideo

Your interviews were great! I loved the variety of your shots and little things like having people throwing at the dunk tank or a poster during the interviews helped. I would suggest having a shot of the whole event as your final scene though.

21 04 2010

You had great interviews and everything that was said was really well connected with your b-roll. Some shots were a bit shaky…but so were some of mine so I can understand that. I really liked that you had the noise of people in the background it added to the fun atmosphere that seemed to be there. I loved the ending too…good job!

21 04 2010

I love that you guys decided to do more of a news story than a documentary, and I think it really worked for you. My favorite scene of any of the movies we watched in class was the scene where the people are dressed in pacman suits and running around. Good job!

21 04 2010

The variety of shots showed that a lot of thought was put in and that you were very patient filmmakers. Excellent.

22 04 2010

This is a very informative interview about the pan area carnival. I liked all the different people who you interviewed

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