Unleash the Beast

7 04 2010

When I found out what our project was this time, I was very excited. I started to formulate ideas and finally decided to have a story about someone not very good at basketball playing against someone who was very good. I thought that this would be a good idea because that way it would be easy to point out the protagonist and antagonist. The only thing would be how to resolve that conflict. That is where my idea for unleashing a beast came in. Since i am good friends with memebers of the basketball team, i decided to contact Adam Constantine and see if he could help me out. He agreed and all that was left was to shoot.

Shooting was actually a lot easier than i thought because i think that the story board helped a lot. It was a good way to get my ideas down and picture what i wanted before i started. I decided to shoot my friend Cory and Scott. Since scott was a solid basketball player he would be the antagonist pushing Cory around. I tried to make it as obvious as possible with Cory getting his shots blocked and falling down. Then i would have him call a timeout and go get a drink called Unleash the Beast. I then had Adam step in so that he could be Cory transformed. I then had him dunk on Scott and basically do everything that Scott was doing before. At the end, Adam knocked Scott down and then went over to help him up, resolving the issue.

This was a very fun project because it allowed me to become very creative and work with people again. I was very happy with the way it turned out and I think it was easy to see the protagonist and antagonist.




15 responses

7 04 2010

Unleash the Beast!! I thought your photostory was very creative, Jacob. I love that you used Adam as Cory’s “transformed-self”. It was a good element of surprise. Next time, watch out for using repetitive pictures. Great job though!

8 04 2010

This was really great. I loved that the dude became Adam. Try to vary the shots a little and take it a little slower. I ran into the same problem with mine where you need to take some to let the audience catch up with each action. Great job!

8 04 2010

I really liked your photostory… it was so clever! You had a few repetitive pictures, but other than that it was really well-done.

8 04 2010

I thought your photostory was awesome. I was definitely not expecting that to happen! I think if you had a few more different photos it would have been more interesting for the viewer..but overall great job!

8 04 2010

This was a cool project. I thought the way you set up the (originally) taller kid was very clear and his transformation was also really well executed. It would have been cool if you had made a custom label for the bottle!

8 04 2010

Your video was so funny! The only thing that bothered me was the repeating photos.

9 04 2010

This was one of my favorites from class. I never expected the one kid to turn into Adam Constantine! Although some of the shots were repetitive, the protagonist and antagonist were very clear. Great job!

9 04 2010

Jacob, you were so creative in using Adam Constantine! I was just expecting the kid to suddenly start winning the game.

9 04 2010
Sarah Carideo

This was so funny and creative! To make it even better try having slightly more dramatic shots of how one character was beating the other to make it even more clear what was going on.

9 04 2010

Hilarious ! Only suggestions more variety in pictures, but other than that, AMAZING!

9 04 2010

absolutely hilarious! I wasn’t expecting that turn around at all, very clever. It was really well done – excellent job!

9 04 2010

I thought this was a really fun photostory. I liked how you changed the guy after he drank the drink it was really entertaining.

9 04 2010

I like that you didn’t just make the kid become an excellent player and then let him dominate the game. Throwing in the third person kept it interesting.

9 04 2010

Using Adam Constantine is awesome and pretty hilarious. The antagonists’ expressions were good. Used the same shot a few times, but it happens.

9 04 2010

This story was hilarious and I love the way the scrawny kid turned into adam constantine. Definately would like to see more of the scrawny kid getting beaten up a little bit.

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