31 03 2010

*After having so many issues with my last site, I met with Prof. Triche and she helped me improve my website. This is the final result.

Dreamweaver, where to begin. I would first like to say that Dreamweaver is a helpful site, it is really cool that you can create your own website since I have never done that before. However I was not able to even complete my assignment.

I started working on the project and even finished over break. But the first night back I went to upload the site and it wouldnt work. I finally figured out why and went back to fix it, however I realized that I had made my images too big for the wed. Then i went back to fix them and tried to upload the site again. However after following all the steps, I was still unable to upload the site. So all in all i had a very bad experience with Dreamweaver. As much as I would like to give up and never try again, I would however like to continue to work on the site. This time I would like to start over and make something more professional that I could use later on in my job hunts. I think that this was a good start, getting used to some of the Dreamweaver tools. I would like to continue toying with it, and hopefully some day it will work for me.




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1 04 2010
Katie O'Brien

Good job. Maybe adjust the color scheme to make it more yellow than gold. Even though your color may be gold. And try to keep the menu in the same place. Can’t wait to see where this is going next.

1 04 2010

Nice website ! Your slide show is great! However, I wish you would have put the actual video on the website rather than just the link. Also, make sure your pages are titled because a few of them say Untitled at the top. But other than that, GOOD JOB!

1 04 2010

Despite all your problems with Dreamweaver, I think that your ideas were really great and the design and color scheme are great. I would just work on filling in some of the empty space as well as trying to get clearer pictures on there.

1 04 2010
Sarah Carideo

I like the simple colors of your site and how they make the pictures. I would just work on cleaning up your site a little bit by centering things and making your tabs the same size.

1 04 2010

I like that you did your swim team, thats an awesome idea! The pictures bring you in and I like that you used your team colors, its all very team-oriented. good job!

1 04 2010

I really like that you used the team colors with your site! Really good idea, I think if you had some clearer pictures that would be cool, but overall I think you did a great job with your site!

1 04 2010

I love how the colors of the site are the teams colors – great idea! The site has a simple lay out and it is easy to follow, good job!

1 04 2010

I’m glad that you stated that you wanted to toy around a little more with dreamweaver. I felt the same way. I can see where you wanted to go with the site and your idea is well received. I’d just say that with a little more work this could be a great website for your team.

1 04 2010

It’s awesome that you are still connected to your highschool and cared enough to make a site for your former swim team. Its also cool how you used the team colors in the site. It would have been even better if the pictures on the front page were higher quality, however.

1 04 2010

Dreamweaver is definitely the most painful program we have used so far, I totally agree. It was really creative of you to use the team colors as the colors for your site.

2 04 2010

I like that you used the team’s colors for the site, but they hurt my eyes a little. Otherwise, this site was very nicely laid out and informative.

2 04 2010

I think you had a gra idea for your swim team and te colors work well for that I would suggest using higher quality pictures next time.

2 04 2010

It was a great idea to do a website for your swimming team. It shows a lot of spirit, which is reinforced by the pictures and vivid team colors. Great job!

2 04 2010

I’m so glad you were able to get help with your website! I agree, Dreamweaver was definitely difficult to work with. The final product is much better and looks more professional. Great job.

2 04 2010

The font works really well with your website! The team colors were also a nice touch. I just wish that the pictures on the home page were a better quality. I would also change the top of the website from “untitled document”. But otherwise, great job!

7 04 2010

Simply done. Maybe a little too simple. I wish I could see your pictures a little better. But you did well with what you had to work with.

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