Bausch and Lomb

8 03 2010

When starting this project I had no idea what I was going to choose for my project. I had liked the pictures that my group had take for the previous project but I really wanted to try something else. I was in my friends dorm room just shooting pictures when I got an idea to put a bottle of contact solution in the sink and turn the water on. I found out that this made for a really cool shot. I decided to go with this picture and play around on photoshop. I tried to look at a bunch of helpful sites online which showed you how to make cool effects but they were all very difficult and proved to be too much for my picture. Instead I decided to just keep it simple and focus on the product rather than the cool effects. The three tools I used the most were the text, the sharpen, and the blur tool. I used dafont to find a font that suited my watery look. I was able to find one with a bunch of bubbles coming from the letters so I went with that. I then played around with the colors to see which ones looked the best. After putting all the text around I tried different color schemes to try and spice up my picture but nothing seemed to work. Instead I focused on the water that was already in the shot and decided to use the sharpen tool to help make the water and bubbles to be in better focus. I then made my logo and decided to smudge the letters for a cool effect. All in all i was actually slightly disapointed with my work. I had wanted to make my picture look really cool but it proved to be much more difficult than I had thought. Luckily this is a learning experience and with more practice I hopefully will be able to make better ads.




17 responses

8 03 2010

The font goes so well with the product you’re trying to advertise.

9 03 2010

I love the fact that you captured the bottle under water. I also liked how you made the bottle stick out! I just wish the font at the very top was a little bigger or easier to read. But other than that, excellent.

9 03 2010

Clever, clever, clever. It’s such a cool idea, I also think it’s a great story of how this picture was taken. If I were to improve one thing it would be to make the font on the top of the ad darker, it’s a little hard to read. Otherwise it is a great photo!

9 03 2010

Honestly in class I was about to rip my contacts out, but when you showed this and my eyes felt soothed. I totally understand the water feeling and the font really explains the refreshing feeling of contact solution. Great job.

9 03 2010

My favorite part about this ad is the border around the ReNu bottle; it really makes the bottle stand out from the rest of the white background of the sink. I also really like the font used for the slogan because it flows nicely with the water theme in the sink.

9 03 2010

I love that you were able to get an underwater photo. I wish the font was a different color, but other than that good job!

10 03 2010

This was a clever ad. My only complaint is that I can’t read the text on top very well.

10 03 2010

So clever and great text choices. I wish that the text on the top was bolder or a different font so that it would be easier to read. The underwater photo is so different and creative. I also love the copyrite sign and the fine text on the side!

10 03 2010

Feels like a real ad. Very nice. I think we all need some tips on focus so don’t worry about a little blurriness.

10 03 2010

I think it was cool how you used the sink for the background because it gives the refreshing liquid feel for those who wear contacts.

10 03 2010

I love the font you picked out for your ReNu advertisement. It really adds to the liquid, underwater look. My only suggestion is next time, think about placing a drop shadow or darken the slogan that’s above the bottle. It is slightly hard to read.

10 03 2010
Sarah Carideo

I love the colors in the picture and the outline around the product makes it stand out really well. The font color is a little too obscure for me and I feel like the bubbles above the letters seem like fizzing and that’s not wanted in contact solution.

10 03 2010

This was such a cool idea! The font is really cool and works well with the picture, but I wish the top slogan was easier to read. Great job!

10 03 2010

Hey this is a cool ad and the bottle looks good in the water. The only thing that I think you could change is the tip of the bottle that is cut off at the bottom left.

10 03 2010

I love that you put the bottle in water and had the water running…it must have been hard to keep it floating the right way! The font is perfect and the colors in the picture go really well with your entire ad. I just wish the top font was in a darker color so I could see it better, but overall Great job! I really like this ad.

10 03 2010

I think the picture would be a little bit better if the slogan at the top of the ad stood out from the background a little more. I really liked the creativity that you used in the ad with the water.

10 03 2010

I think you did a really good job. It was a creative idea to get the shot while it was in the water, quick thinking! I like the colors and fonts and the photo looks clear. The slogans are both really catchy! I maybe would have just picked one because they are both good enough to stand alone. But great job

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