Let’s Get Some Shoes!

1 03 2010

This time our assignment was to create a beauty shot for a product. We were assgined to work in groups and my partner was Lauren. We decided to shoot two different products to give us some choices in our decision. It was very difficult because all of the lighting kits were rented out. We reached out to our classmates and Katie Koch allowed us to borrow the kit twice. Our first shoot we decided to take pictures of Lauren’s shoes. It was a little pressed for time because my parents came for the day. But we got to work quickly and got some good shots. We set up on a table and put a red table cloth over a box. We then set the shoes on the box to raise them from the rest of the table. We tried all three lights and we found that one light gave the best shadows and overall look. We also wiped down the shoes with a paper towl to give extra shine. I think that the lighting really works because it gives a good amount of shadow but doesn’t overexpose the shoes. We placed the key light high up which gives us the long shadow on the left of the shoes. I also like how the lighting allows the viewer to clearly see the name of the shoe and the studs on the straps. The red sheet helps the shoes pop out and make them the center of the shot. I also like the black background which helps with contrast and makes the shoes stand out even more. Our other shoot involved taking pictures of Gatorade and while we found the shots looked good, the shoes looked the best and in our opinion reflected the beauty shot. All in all, this was the toughest project, but gave the most insight about a professional photographer’s job.




2 responses

2 03 2010

The product itself looks kinda worn. I’m sure this is because they have been, but it just made it look a little less professional. Other than that, I like the shot because of the shadows and the lie of the red table cloth.

7 03 2010
Nicole Triche

It was a smart idea to wipe the shoes down for more gloss.

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